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Ep. 10 - #Supernatural - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Casuallyneurotic

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

In this episode I interview fanfiction writer Casuallyneurotic about her WIP Supernatural fic 'Maybe Sprout Wings.' She remembers discovering her first fanfiction on LiveJournal sites, posting her first House fic on FFN, what it was like participating in Supernatural fandom as a kid, and what she loves about the Castiel/Dean pairing. We discuss the controversial nature of Slavefic AU and ABO tropes, and themes of love, trust, choice, and healing in her fic. Casuallyneurotic talks about the surprising interactive reception to her fic and what it's been like working with an amazing beta reader. I share my own embarrassing writing fails, and Casuallyneurotic gives some great writing advice and encouragement for other writers. She shares some exciting developments for future MSW spinoffs and offers some insights into what we get to look forward to in future MSW chapters.

Thank you for coming on the show, Casuallyneurotic!

Show Notes:

The link to Casuallyneurotic's 'Maybe Sprout Wings' is here:

The link to Casuallyneurotic's Tumblr page is here:

Other Fanfiction Writers Mentioned:


Link to 'Keeping You In Sight' is here:


Link to 'Don't Care Where You've Been' is here:


Link to NorthernSparrow's AO3 profile is here:

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