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Ep. 13 - #StarTrek (TOS) - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Eimeo

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

In this episode I interview fanfiction writer Eimeo about her Star Trek TOS multi-chapter story ‘Spice.’ She describes growing up watching Star Trek with her family, and discovering fanfiction for the first time after reading an article featuring Anki’s Star Trek fan art ‘Cosmic Bath.’ She fell hard for the classic Kirk/Spock pairing and that’s when the series started making perfect sense. Eimeo threw her hat into the ring and began writing fics of her own soon after. When her friend T’lara posted a prompt she couldn’t refuse, Eimeo accepted the challenge and ‘Spice’ was born. We talk about themes of loss, yearning, perspective, love, and the inherent parts of Kirk and Spock that make them so unique. Eimeo recalls the writing process that turned a simple prompt into a 55 chapter masterpiece, and reminds us that in the end fanfiction writing starts and ends with love. Eimeo’s ‘Spice’ is a prime example of beautifully crafted storytelling, and it’s the perfect choice for anyone looking for a K/S slowburn.

Thank you for coming on the show, Eimeo!

Keep on rollin’!

Show Notes

The link to Eimeo’s ‘Spice’ lis here:

A link to Anki’s ‘Cosmic Bath’ fan art is here:

Other Authors Mentioned:


Jenna Sinclair








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