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Ep. 14 - #GoodOmens/Critical Role - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Mlle Kurtz

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

In this episode I interview fanfiction writer Mlle Kurtz, also known on AO3 as TheKnittingJedi, about their Good Omens fic ‘An Absence of Stars’ and Critical Role fic ‘Fundamental Forces Other Than Gravity.’ Mlle Kurtz remembers discovering fanfiction when a group of LoTR fans translated a Boromir fic into their native language, and then eventually learned to read English so they could enjoy other fan stories as well. Mlle Kurtz drabbled in fic writing for a bit before taking a break, but says the Good Omens fandom is what drew them back in. We marvel at the explosion of Good Omens content on AO3 after the series premiered on Prime and how amazing it was to see so many talented writers flock to the fandom. Mlle Kurtz discusses poetry, T.S. Eliot, metaphor, the sea, and we dive right into themes of isolation, connection, vulnerability, identity, and the mortifying ordeal of being known. Mlle Kurtz also introduces us to Critical Role, describes researching physics to prepare for ‘Fundamental Forces,’ and explains why they’re fond of the Shadowgast pairing. We talk about their writing process, the importance of letting love guide the work, and how fanfiction grants us the opportunity to tell authentic stories that reflect our unique experiences and offer hopeful possibilities for our respective communities.

Thank you for coming on the show, Mlle Kurtz!

Keep on rollin'!

Show Notes

The link to ‘An Absence of Stars’ is here:

The link to ‘Fundamental Forces Other Than Gravity’ is here:

The link to Mlle Kurtz’s Tumblr is here:

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Other Authors Mentioned

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