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Ep. 19 - #Armored Core / Doki Doki Literature Club - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Blackout_42

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

In this episode I interview fanfiction writer Blackout_42 about his Armored Core / Doki Doki Literature Club crossover fic called ‘Obligation To Keep.’

Blackout_42 talks about discovering fanfiction on FFN, enjoying fics from different fandoms, and how he keeps hundreds of fic tabs open on his phone at all times. He explains that he started his first fic project years ago, which was a RWBY/Armored Core crossover, but as his writing improved he decided to scrap that project and start his current fic project using the same OC he created for the first story.

Blackout_42 shares how fanfiction writing helped him reconnect with his father, and tells us that his parents are his biggest fans and most ardent supporters.

ChaosBlue talks about the things she loved about ‘Obligation to Keep,’ particularly the OC main character named James. Blackout_42 explains how James was created and also provides incredible insight into the motivations behind many of his OC character’s choices.

We discuss the story’s themes of loyalty, friendship, obligation, and consequence. Blackout_42 advises new writers to start out simple and avoid overcomplicating their fics with too many characters, and also stresses the importance of humanizing characters by giving them weaknesses as well as strengths. He reminds us that we can choose to feel inspired when we encounter amazing fics by other writers.

Thanks for coming on the show, Blackout_42!

Keep on rollin'!

Show Notes

The link to ‘Obligation To Keep’ is here:

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