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Ep. 21 - #HarryPotter - Interview With Fanfiction Writer SouthronWildling

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

In this episode I interview fanfiction writer SouthronWildling about their Harry Potter Drarry fic called ‘A Late Presentation.’

They describe a childhood filled with reading classic literature and imagining fun self-insert adventures. SouthronWildling remembers writing self-insert Hobbit fic before they even knew what fanfiction was, and then recalls discovering fanfiction written by others much later when someone brought them a Star Trek fanzine to look at.

SouthronWildling talks about reading Harry Potter for the first time after their daughter got the books for Christmas, and explains the perceptive reasons why the interactions between Harry and Draco in canon make a compelling pairing to explore.

We discuss ‘A Late Presentation,’ how it began as a simple writing exercise to ease out of writer’s block, and delve into the A/B/O dynamics of the story. We celebrate the validity of all types of fanfiction writing, including the stories that are written for simple joy and entertainment’s sake. We also briefly discuss how validating fanfiction stories were for LGBTQ+ people who grew up in eras before we really had adequate language to discuss and explore some of our lived experiences.

Thank you for coming on the show, SouthronWildling!

Keep on rollin’!

Show Notes:

The link to SouthronWildling’s ‘A Late Presentation’ is here:

The link to the sequel, ‘Harry Potter And The Knot So Simple Eight Year’ is here:

Other Authors Mentioned:

‘Away Childish Things’ by Lettered

‘Coming To Terms’ by Unforth

‘Pacify’ series by Chickenpets



#Fanfic Maverick



This is a fun one. I am a fellow Drarry shipper, so it was great to hear why the author was drawn to that ship!! Thanks again, chaosblue!! :)


I also snorted my coffee at "my lady doth protest too much" comment, lol!! Perfect! :D

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