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Ep. 26 - #Batman & Green Lantern - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Elise_51

ChaosBlue chats with fanfiction writer Elise_51 about Batman, Bat Family, comic books, DC lore, Green Lantern, co-writing, and her fanfiction stories ‘Even The Losers’ and ‘Jealous Guy.’

We explore Bat Family relationship dynamics and Jason’s struggle for acceptance in ‘Even The Losers’ and then talk insecurity tropes in ‘Jealous Guy’ which is a Green Lantern fic that Elise co-wrote with her sister Storyshark2005 a.k.a. Sara from the Talkin’ Fanfic Podcast.

Elise shares her history with fanfiction and creative writing, her thoughts on the Batman franchise throughout the decades, and her perspectives on the transformative power of fanfiction.

Thank you for coming on the show, Elise_51!!!!

Keep on ‘rollin!

Show Notes:

The link to ‘Even The Losers’ is here:

The link to ‘Jealous Guy’ is here:

The link to her Tumblr is here:

Other Authors Mentioned:


"A Funny Thing"


"My place is not deliberate"




"'Twas the Groundhog Day Before Christmas"



"Baton Rouge"



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#Green Lantern

#FanFic Maverick

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