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Ep. 28 - #HP: NextGen & MHA - Interview With Fanfiction Writer MicheleBlack

In this episode I chat with fanfiction writer MicheleBlack about Harry Potter NextGen, My Hero Academia, the fanfictions that impacted them the most, and rare pair writing. MicheleBlack talks about the plots and themes for their ‘Green Like My Insides’ HP Jeddy fic and their ‘Without Question’ MHA EraserMic fic.

MicheleBlack also has an awesome TikTok channel where they review m/m novels and fanfictions, so make sure to check that out!

Thank you for coming on the show, MicheleBlack!

Keep on rollin’!

Show Notes:

The link to ‘Green Like My Insides is here:

The link to ‘Without Question’ is here:

MicheleBlack’s Tumblr is here:

MicheleBlack’s TikTok channel is @miroseblack

Other Authors Mentioned:

Tira Nog



Good Breeding


Untouched and Alive


Sirius Black Decides to Die

SebastianL (felix_atticus)

The Crystal's Song

SebastianL (felix_atticus)

The Man Who Lived


A Box of Butterfly Fish




#My Hero Academia





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