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Ep. 29 - #TheTerror - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Snagov

In this episode I speak with fanfiction writer Snagov about The Terror tv show and the real life events that inspired it. We discuss the history of the The Northwest Passage expedition and the lives of Francis Crozier, James Fitzjames, and John Franklin. Snagov shares insights on fanfiction writing and we talk about two of their fics, ‘Elegy For A House On Fire’ and ‘The Wine-Dark Sea.’

Thank you so much for coming on the show, Snagov!

Keep on rollin’!

Show Notes:

The link to ‘Elegy For A House on Fire’ is here:

The link to The Wine-Dark Sea is here:

Other Authors Mentioned:







Jeanette Winterson

Anne Carson

Ocean Vuong

John Gardner

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