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Ep. 3 - #CobraKai - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Storyshark2005

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

In this episode I interview fanfiction writer Storyshark2005 about her Cobra Kai fic 'The Book of Job.' She shares her discovery of fanfiction in the old dial-up internet days, her early writing projects on FFN, and her love for the YouTube/Netflix series Cobra Kai. We discuss themes of love, loss, death, and grief in her fic 'The Book of Job,' ruminate on Biblical epigraphs, and geek out over Lawrusso. Storyshark2005 offers some writing advice and shares details about her own amazing fanfiction podcast 'Talkin FanFic.'

Thank you for coming on the show, Storyshark2005!

Keep on rollin'!

Show Notes:

Link to Storyshark2005's 'The Book of Job' is here:

The link to the 'Talkin' Fanfic' podcast is here:

The link to the 'Talkin' Fanfic' podcast Tumblr page is here:

Find 'Talkin' Fanfic' on Instagram @talkinfanfic

Other Authors Mentioned:

Cobra Kai

Other Fandom Authors Mentioned (Best of the Best):

Podcast Mention:

If you love all things Cobra Kai, be sure to check out the Cobra Kai Kompanion podcast here:

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