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Ep. 31 - #IkemenSengoku - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Twelfth Night Project

In this episode I chat with Twelfth_Night_Project about Ikemen Sengoku and her longfic ‘Twelve Lies I told Shingen Takeda.’ We talk transformation fics, romance and masquerade tropes, and the crafting process for her OC. She also shares a few insights on screenwriting versus fanfiction writing, and shares her experience with completed story grief.

Thank you for coming on the show, Twelfth_Night_Project!

Keep in rollin’!

Show Notes:

The link to ‘Twelve Lies I told Shingen Takeda’ is here:

The link to Twelfth_Night_Project’s Tumblr page is here:

Other Authors Mentioned:


The link to Kedreeva’s Tumblr post about completed story grief is here:


Intuitive Mechanics: An Admech Romance


The Taming Of The Viper


The Lady of the Rohirrim

#Ikemen Sengoku

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