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Ep. 4 - #DragonAge - Interview With Fanfiction Writer MissJuliaMiriam

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

In this episode I interview fanfiction writer MissJuliaMiriam about her Dragon Age fic 'Bow and Bend.' She recalls discovering fanfiction for the very first time, her tendency to fandom hop, and her introduction to Dragon Age. We discuss themes of recovery, choice, and self discovery in her fic 'Bow and Bend' and analyze the story's complex relationship between Fenris and Hawke. MissJuliaMiriam offers writing advice and talks about the current fic projects she's working on, including an entire re-write for Harry Potter.

Thank you for coming on the show, MissJuliaMiriam!

Keep on rollin'!

Show Notes:

The link to MissJuliaMiriam's 'Bow and Bend' is here:

The link toMissJuliaMiriam's Tumblr page is here

MissJuliaMiriam's Twitter: @flippinnazguls

Other Authors Mentioned:


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