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Ep. 41 - #LOTR & Star Wars - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Scarletjedi

In this episode I chat with Scarletjedi about LOTR/The Hobbit fandom, Star Wars fandom, and her fics ‘Comes Around Again’ and ‘There Is No Death.’

Thank you for coming on the show, Scarletjedi!

Also, please make sure to cast your vote for this year’s OTW board elections. Voting closes August 15th, 2022. Link to the candidate Q&A chat is here:

Show Notes:

Link to ‘Comes Around Again’ is here:

Link to ‘There Is No Death’ is here:

Scarletjedi on Tumblr: @scarletjedi

Other Authors Mentioned:


The link to Sansukh is here:



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