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Ep. 65 - #HP (Snack) - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Jalapeno Eye Popper

In this episode I chat with Jal about the Snack ship, AI in fandom, and her fic 'Sloppy Assassins.'

Thanks for coming on the show, Jal!

Keep on rolllin'!

YouTube vid of episode with closed captions is below:

Show Notes:

The link to ‘Sloppy Assassins’ is here:

The link to Jal’s essay ‘AI Generated Fanworks: Underlying Issues, How to Help, and Examples of Gatekeeping Art’ is here:

Social: You can find Jal on Discord at Jal's Fics ( or Rickmaniac Review (

TOP RECS! Jal asked fellow Snack fans: Please recommend 1 must-see or must-read Snack fanwork.

PERSONAL FAVES! Jal asked fellow Snack fans: It's the apocalypse and you only have time to download 1 Snape/Sirius fanfic to comfort you in the post-apocalyptic hellscape before the internet cuts out indefinitely. Which one do you get and why?

Other Authors & Artists Mentioned:

Scribblesfrometheria on Tumblr

Snapecentric at Snape Chat Podcast


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