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Ep. 74 - #TeenWolf - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Sugareey

In this episode I chat with Sugareey about their journey through fandom, their love for Teen Wolf, and their Teen Wolf fics and fanart. 

Thanks for coming on the show, Sugareey!

Keep on rollin’!

Here’s the YouTube version of the episode with closed captions:

Show Notes: 

Sugareey’s fic links:

Sugareey’s Social handles:

LJ link to the first fanfic series that got Sugareey into HP, LJ, fanfic and fandom:

Links to some of the RPGs mentioned in this episode:

wtf_drarry: (this is theRPG that was really well-known to Drarry fans and had a separate fan community- )

Links to the other fandom things mentioned in the episode:

Quadball (formerly known as Muggle Quidditch): U.S.- and International- and Major League- (this is what made me love conventions but also kickstarted my first career track in event planning)

A link to the Stiles Shipping Central Discord Server (18+, for all Stiles ships), which hosts their monthly fic exchange:

The Merlin Library’s Drabbles for Dopamine AO3 collection (requests fulfilled for any fandom; there are definitely some gems created in the span of a few years!):

The Merlin Library Discord Tumblr is here:

Other Authors Mentioned:

Palendrome (nerdherderette): twenty seconds or twenty years (






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