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Ep. 75 - #StrangerThings (Harringrove) - Interview With Fanfiction Writer Insomniacwriter17

In this episode I got to chat with Insomniacwriter17 about Billy Hargrove and Stranger things, the Caregiver/Little trope, and her incredible experience writing The Little Buddy fic series.

Thanks for coming on the show, Insomniacwriter 17!

Keep on rollin’!

For those who would like a transcribed version of the podcast episode, please consider downloading the Castle Player app here. It is available on iPhone and Android, and it can play podcast episodes AND transcribe them for you. The Fanfic Maverick IS searchable and available on Castle Player so please give it a try for transcribed versions of the show.

Show Notes: 

Link to The Little Buddy series is here:

Other Authors Mentioned: 






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