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Fanfiction History with Talkin' Fanfic PART TWO

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

ChaosBlue teams up with Sara at Talkin’ Fanfic to bring you PART TWO of our Fanfiction History series! In this episode we’re joined by two fandom OGs, Franzeska and Allronix, and they bring us amazing firsthand fandom history memories.

We cover letter zines, tape exchanges, Usenet, purges and LJ strikethrough, the creation of OTW/AO3 and beyond.

Huge thanks to Franzi and Allronix for making this happen, and for coming on to share their unique experiences and perspectives!!!!

Keep on rollin’!

The link to Franzi’s Tumblr page @olderthannetfic is here:

The link to Allronix’s Tumblr page @allronix is here:


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