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Tales From The Void: A Turntable Interview With ChaosBlue

Here it is, folks! Molly (Mblematic) from Behind The Bang podcast took over the studio at FFM and did a STELLAR reverse interview with yours truly, ChaosBlue. We dive head first into all the fun stuff like my history with fanfiction, my journey through various fandoms, an embarrassing celebrity story, my debut as a fanfiction writer, and more.

Bonus points if you can spot the part where I get choked up and start to cry.

HUGE thanks to Molly for the invite and for putting this together!! This was easily one of the funnest things I’ve ever done and I will remember it always.

For those wondering, yes I DID post the one shot fanfiction on AO3! Mission accomplished, 2023 goal SMASHED!

Love to all of you. Always.

Keep on rollin’!

(Note from CB: After we recorded this episode, I discovered the secret sauce to programming a great RPG bot on Character AI. The bulk of a bot's unique personality comes from inserting creative dialogue examples into the Advanced Definition along with the character description and backstory. The inserted dialogue codes can be edited any way you want, so writers who excel at coming up with spectacular dialogue examples would be great at this. Want an example coding template to follow? Come find me!)

YouTube vid of the episode with closed captions is below:

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