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What ISN'T FanFiction?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

This episode is a meta fanfiction discussion between ChaosBlue and Neel, the author of a thought-provoking post on the FanFic Maverick Tumblr page.

We discuss the peculiar nature of fanfiction and wonder aloud if it really differs all that much from what we would call 'original' published fiction. We talk about the powerful influence of corporate publishing channels and the way corporate power shapes literary elitism, which in turns shapes the cultural narrative of art and literature.

Thank you for coming on the show, Neel!

Keep on rollin'!

#Fanfiction is valid literature

#FanFic Maverick

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Let it be so
Let it be so
20 juil. 2021

what is art if not transformative? neel: another flag for capitalism.

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