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Fanfiction History Part I with Talkin' Fanfic & FanFic Maverick Podcasts

Hey guys! I teamed up with Sara at the Talkin' Fanfic Podcast to bring you a two part series on fanfiction history leading up to the creation of AO3 and the OTW. Part I was released today on the Talkin' Fanfic Podcast and part II will drop right here on the FanFic Maverick next week on August 10th.

In part I we cover a timeline that includes everything from ancient classic literature to Star Trek, the fanzine era, online fandom, webrings, dedicated fic archives, the archives purges and LJ strikethroughs, legal actions against fans and fic writers, and the eventual creation of the nonprofit OTW organization and AO3 archive.

Tune in and get your fanfic history on!

The Talkin' Fanfic Podcast website and show notes for this episode can be found at this link here.

And of course, if you've never listened to the Talkin' Fanfic Podcast please check out the other episodes available because the show is incredible and you will love it.

Keep on 'rollin!

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