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Storyteller Shamans

“Storytelling is the oldest form of communication/education/healing in the history of mankind, dating back to the storyteller (the shaman) around the campfires of prehistoric or primitive villages … It is hardly surprising therefore that one of the most important figures in the world of our ancestors was that of the storyteller … He or she is an intensely powerful invoker of elemental powers, of the powers of absolute transformation, who can show us how to confront our most deeply-engrained fears, or teach us how to experience ecstasy or bring us face to face with death or terror of the spirit - with the infinite and incomprehensible.” - Michael Berman, The Storyteller: Shaman And Healer

Fanfiction writers: AO3 is our campfire and you are the storyteller shamans of the modern age. Stories have power. Never underestimate the impact a story can have on the healing and evolution of the human soul. What you do matters.

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